Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bar Enclosure in Boracay, now on the 2nd Notice

Four of seven bars in Boracay are still not complying with the bar enclosure implemented by the local government of Malay.

This is what Island Administrator Glenn Sacapano had revealed during an interview last Sunday.

According to him they had recently sent a second notice to these bars.

The ordinance states that if reaches up to the third notice, they will automatically make a recommendation for the complete closure of the incompliant establishments.

While the LGU is targeting disco bars in order to lessen the noise pollution brought about by the said establishments, the enclosure does not include the bars in hotels and resorts.

The latter however should also observe the limitation of their sounds.

When it comes to bands and or acoustic acts playing at the vegetation area, they too are not covered by the ordinance, Sacapano said, but they are only allowed to operate until 12 midnight.

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