Monday, September 3, 2012

Problems at BNHS - No Shortage of Assistance from the LGU of Malay, Dep. Ed Bearing a Grudge? LGU of Malay to Re-appeal -- Town Councilman of Malay

There was no shortage of assistance from the Local Government Unit of Malay if assistance is the topic for discussion for Boracay National High School (BNHS).

This is according to Town Council Member Essel Flores, Chairman of Education, in an interview concerning the problems of BNHS adding that everything that could be done has been done.

One of these problems is that when it rains, classes are cancelled since the school gets flooded, and the other problem is the lack of classrooms.

Flores revealed that all the plans by the LGU of Malay have been submitted to the Department of Education (Dep. Ed) also to the National Government yet there have been no results.

The Chairman revealed that a large amount of fund was set by the LGU of Malay for education. He added that the fund goes to the salary of forty (40) teachers of the school, which he said could have been a huge help if the National Government shouldered this and the money spent by Malay for the salary would go to the building of classrooms.

Flores also said the LGU of Malay thought of temporary solutions about the flooding problem at the school like the filling of the surroundings of the school and the purchase of motor pump but these solutions were deemed insufficient.

Flores expressed doubts on why the assistance for BNHS, if there was any, has been stalled. He wondered if the Dep. Ed has a grudge since Dep. Ed’s planned HOSTEL at the school did not push through after the Town Council, the village, and some parents of students questioned why the project would be prioritized if classrooms were still lacking at the school.

As a result, Flores said that he thought of re-sending a resolution to appeal to the National Government about the problems of BNHS.

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