Thursday, December 6, 2012

Boracay, ready for RS: One Wind Surfing World Championship

The preparation for the RS: One Wind Surfing World Championship to be held in Boracay is almost completed.

According to event coordinator, international windsurfing champion, and Boracaynon  Nenette Graf, although some things still needs to be done, she is certain that the event which will be held on December 10-15, 2012 will be a success.

Graf is confident that with the help of the local government of Malay and other sponsors, the location will be safe for the wind surfing delegates from 15 other countries.

The Philippine Coast Guard and other authorities will be on the watch during the race, especially that the event will be accommodating some span of the swimming area in station 2.

Graf added that most of the delegates are ages 16-21 and will be competing with a hope to get to the Olympics.

Boracay has two representatives namely Gloria Flores and Sonny Gelito.

The RS: One Wind Surfing World Championship will be held in Boracay as the Philippine Sports Commission accepted the challenge for the Philippines to be the venue and the island was chosen to be the place for the event.

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