Saturday, April 13, 2013

Problem regarding children rummaging through garbage in Boracay, dealt with by the LGU and DSWD

The Local Government of Malay has now given action to a problem regarding children digging out trash in Boracay.

Together with the DSWD, the LGU seized the said children along with their parents.

In an interview with Yes FM Boracay, Boracay Administrator Glenn Sacapaño said, that this has in fact been recorded at the DSWD’s helpdesk.

He added that the agency did not fall short in explaining their job in apprehending them.

Sacapaño said that these children are indeed causing trouble, because after getting what can be used they just leave the trash littering about.

He also noted how the parents would stress out what will become of them if they will be arrested, a matter which they entrust to the DSWD to give disposition to.

Meanwhile, the Island Administrator call upon the establishments, particularly at the beach front, to reprimand these children, as their action causes the island sime trouble.

In the past week, Sacapaño has stated that they will be apprehending children and their parents, involved in this kind of problem in Boracay.

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