Monday, April 15, 2013


The visit of Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to their community on Friday morning delighted the Atis at the zone of Lugutan, Manoc Manoc Village Boracay. 

The purpose of De Lima’s visit was to inquire about the death of Ati Spokesperson Dexter Condez and the status of the land where the houses of the Atis are situated.

On Delima’s opening statement, she said the case of Condez was currently on preliminary investigation.

She explained that a hearing would be conducted by Fiscals if the death of Condez had a probable cause, from there it would be known if there was a crime and who should be held accountable.

She added that if things would be known or proven during the investigation, a case would be filed in court.

According to Delima, the process would be put on fast tract, adding that the case of Condez was soon to be resolved.

A dialogue also occurred between De Lima and the Atis during her visit, wherein the Atis voiced out their sentiments on those who had responsibility on the death of Condez, and even their sentiments on the Local Government Unit of Malay.

On the issue on land, De Lima said it was already at court and their department would just coordinate with the Regional Trial Court of Kalibo.

In addition during this week, she said she would instruct the prosecutors to pass a resolution to speed up the case of Condez for the case to be resolved early.

De Lima arrived in the island of Boracay together with Prosecuting Attorneys on April 12.

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