Thursday, May 2, 2013

Employees in Aklan, cannot be removed just because of elections

Comelec Aklan warns the politicians on using their power in removing employees who did not support their candidacy.

According to Mr. Getulio Esto of Comelec Aklan this reminder is not only for the protection of Government Employees, particularly in the municipalities, but also to those in private establishments in the province.

It is clear he said that the law prohibits coercion in getting votes especially if it involves something in return, such as job offers or a threat of removal from position that was rooted from the elections.

He added that a contractual employee, private or public, cannot be dismissed without a valid reason, and that political subject is not a part of a contract, therefore it cannot be used as basis.

Esto also said that this would violate an individual’s right to choose a leader.

Doing so is a clear violation of the Labor Code, implemented by the Department of Labor and Employment for those working in private establishments, as well as the law enforced by the Civil Service for the protection of government employees.

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