Saturday, October 6, 2012

For the 2013 Mid-term Elections: No rivals for Mayor John Yap and SB Member Wilbec Gelito; 17 candidates, to contest for SB position

Who and to what position are just some of the questions regarding the 2013 Mid-term Elections in the Municipality of Malay this past days.

These questions however were answered as soon as the clock hits 5pm of yesterday, after Malay Election Officer Elma Cajilig announced to the Media, the names of those running for office.

A confirmation from the COMELEC that there will be no rivals for Incumbent Mayor John Yap had drawn different reactions even from some town hall people.

Supporters of SB Member Wilbec Gelito felt composed after learning that, like the mayoral position, Gelito is the only candidate for Vice-Mayor.

Meanwhile the 17 candidates who will be vying for a post in the Municipal Council (SB) will have their own individual campaigns.

Three of them are under the United Nationalist Alliance Party or UNA, namely Frolibar “Fromy” Bautista, Edwin Martin, and Ralf Tolosa.

Under the Liberal party are Rowen Aguire, Antonio Cajilig Jr., Manuel Delos Reyes, Danilo Delos Santos, Jupiter Gallenero, Leal Borreros Gelito, and Paterno Sacapano.

Those who chose to be independent candidates are Jonathan Cabrera, Roldan Casidsid, Felicito Lumbo Jr., Edwin Pelayo, Robert Tumaob, and Dionisio Tupas Jr.

On the other hand, Natalie “nat-nat’ Cawaling Paderes is the only SB candidate running under the Nationalista Party.

Meanwhile Mayor John Yap is confirmed to be under the Liberal Party, while Wilbec Gelito is under the Nationalsta Party.

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