Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Malay Ex-Vice Mayor Fromy Bautista, on for a candidacy, but unsure as to what position

Former Vice-Mayor Fromy Bautista had confirmed that he will be joining the 2013 Mid-term Elections in the Municipality of Malay.

He however, is yet to decide on to what office or position he will be running for before the deadline of submission of Certificates of Candidacy or COC which is on Friday, the 5th of October of the current year.

According to Bautista, he is weighing and carefully studying if he would be running for Council, Vice-Mayor, or he could possibly rival Incumbent mayor John Yap for the office of the Mayor of Malay.

Bautista said that he must not decide rashly, although he had acquired three COCs for the three mentioned positions.

He also added, during an exclusive interview, to just wait and see what COC will he be submitting this coming Friday.

Fromy Bautista used to be a SB Member and Vice-Mayor of Malay, but has failed twice in running for position as Mayor of the municipality. 

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