Friday, June 15, 2012

Noise Pollution in Boracay, no Longer a Problem

The Local Government of Malay is grateful for the past days where there are almost no complaints about the Noise Pollution from bars in Boracay.

According to Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño, there had almost been no complaints, unlike before where the issue is brought up more often.

This, however, is aside from the reported noise of a certain bar in Station 2 which they had repeatedly confronted, the same bar which is now facing a case for infracting the ordinance on Noise Pollution.

Nonetheless, even there will be no reports of nuisances brought about by loud sounds of bars in Boracay,

Sacapaño made it clear that on August 1, they are still going to implement the strict compliance that bars or disco bars must be closed, and or sound proof during their operations every night, so that the sounds would not be of a disturbance to individuals who are resting especially to tourists on vacation.

It should be expected, said the Island Administrator, that there will be no open, but rather closed or sound proofed establishments even before the implementation.

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