Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ATV-bugcar and sea sports establishments to be suspended: SB Malay

From bugcar and ATVs to sea sports activities in Boracay, the Town Council of Malay scrutinized each incident which had involved the tourists.

Previously SB Member Jupiter Gallenero had noted a bugcar hit and run incident where the victim, a 14 year-old girl fell into a critical condition, and the suspect, a tourist, was not identified.

This was followed with reported cases on helmet diving and parasailing which had raised concern over the safety of the tourists and or clients.

This urged the council to present the matter to the Chief Executive asking for an action of investigation and inspection of sea sports and ATV establishments.

They will also recommend the suspension of operations by the company with recorded cases during the investigation.

The council is also planning to call upon the said companies to be reminded of their obligations to their clients and or the tourists.

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