Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scattering un-refined oil in Boracay, not to be worried about: Labatiao

The public should not be worried or be upset about the scattering formed un-refined oil that had mixed with the sands in the beaches of Boracay.

This is what Miguel ‘Mike’ Labatiao, Committee Chairman of Environment of Boracay Foundation Incorporated/BFI guarantees.

He said that the public should not worry as there is no ship that had sunk or overturned that would cause an oil spill.

The formed black oil which is similar to asphalt and or tar seemed to have come from the neighboring islands which was possibly moved and carried by the current.

It is also possible that these has only been washed ashore in the coasts of Boracay as it can be observed that it comes with leaves, wood or planks and other sea weeds.

Labatiao believes that these black particles will eventually disappear especially that they, along with the local government recommended to pick-up or collect this formed chemical that can be seen at the beach line.

He also said that these oil particles will soon be gone through the public’s cooperation in cleaning the front beach.

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