Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The LGU of Malay is careful in taking actions related to the increasing number of natives going to Boracay.

Atis, Mangyans, and Badjaos who are not Malaynons who go to the island cannot just be driven away since they allegedly have the right to go to the island.

This was revealed by Magdalena Prado, the Municipal Social Welfare Development Officer of Malay in an interview on Monday, November 12.

Prado explained that it is not easy to drive the natives since it is possible that the authority implementing the law could violate the native’s human rights.

Nevertheless, if the natives violated a law or ordinance, for example by theft, they could be caught and appropriate penalty could be imposed and they could be deported from the island.

She added that if the natives are seen to be a hindrance on paths and are begging, which could be an eye sore to tourists, the natives could be corrected.

Prado added, however, that in the past the LGU of Malay had no idea to which province the natives could be repatriated since the natives seem not to tell where they come from.

She said that some were from Antique, Iloilo and other provinces.

Meanwhile, Prado clarified that the natives who beg at the front beach are not Malaynons. Adding that the natives from Boracay do not wander, instead they allegedly work to earn a living.

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