Friday, November 16, 2012

Boracay Ati-Atihan schedule is left for Church to decide

The local government of Malay already has several plans set for the yearly Ati-Atihan in Boracay.

Felix Delo Santos Jr., Chief Operation Officer of the Municipal Tourism Office, however clarified that the decision in regards to their proposal to move the date of the celebration still lies in the hands of the Church. He noted that the annual religious celebration is a church activity.

Despite this, Delo Santos revealed that several plans were already drawn up after the office of the Chief Executive has tasked the MTO to conduct a dialogue with the Church in regards to the moving of schedule.
Delo Santos said that with the LGU support, they plan to make the celebration longer but less extravagant and with various activities to give the annual activity a fiesta vibe.

All this is left to the hands of the Church as they have the authority.

In an earlier statement, Rev. Fr. Arnold “Nonoy” Crisostomo, said that such matter should be left to the people of Boracay to decide.

The Chief Executive wanted the Ati-Atihan celebration in Boracay be moved to the last “weekend” of January to make room for invitation of participants from Kalibo. The move will also allow enough time for preparation to hold the festivities which is likely seen to draw more tourists. Ver Esclamado

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