Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A bigger Boracay Hospital for 2013

A plan has been laid that in the coming 2013, the Don Ciriaco Tirol Memorial Hospital or Boracay Hospital will be reconstructed for extension.

According to Dr. Mishelle Depacaquibo, Boracay Hospital Chief Operation Manager, they are now on the stage of preparing the master plan.

They are now prioritizing the implementation of the construction worth 40 million pesos to be funded by the Department of Health, and is only for the first phase of the project.

However as soon as the first phase will be completed, another 40 million pesos will be added for the Hospital’s other needs.

For this reason, the institution is expected to level up from Primary to Secondary, especially if the facilities and services will improve.

This goal however, is projected to be achieved in 2015.

Meanwhile, Depacaquibo clarified that at this time Boracay Hospital is still a Municipal Hospital.

But the expenses of their daily operation and staff or personnel salaries come from the province.

The Dr. also acknowledged the problem that they will be encountering once the project starts, such as where should they put the patients and the hospital’s facilities. 

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