Friday, November 16, 2012


Contributed by: Rodel J. Abalus

A Public Consultation for the proposed environmental development for Boracay Island was held at the Covered Court of Manoc Village Boracay on Thursday, November 15.

The consultation was conducted by the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority-Regulatory Office (TIEZA-RO) in collaboration with Boracay Island Water Company Incorporated (BIWCI).

The consultation according to the Temporary Officer In Charge of TIEZA, Atty. Marites Alvarez was held to inform the public about the TIEZA-RO, its mandate and manpower, also to know Boracay residents’ issues and concerns in relation to services, what has been accomplished by the BIWCI from 2009 until October 2012 and its future plans.

Presented during the consultation was that BIWCI is the concessionaire, and TIEZA-RO has the regulatory mandate.

Head Consultant for Tieza, PhD. Angel Lazaro III said that the partners were the government and the BIWCI. In the first part of his presentation he discussed the Rebase, in the context of the business rendered by the Concessionaire/BIWCI.

PhD Lazaro’s presentation was followed by BIWC’s Customer Service Officer, Acs Aldaba who presented the services rendered by BIWCI and its achievements under the company’s Visions.

Aldaba’s presentation was followed by the Chief Operating Officer of BIWCI, Ben Mañosca who presented major items of the BIWCI Master Plan.

PhD. Lazaro later gave the evaluation result on the work done by BIWCI indicating it that had complied with the Water Supply Commitment and Sewerage Service Commitment to date.

BIWCI’s future plans and proposed budget for its services were also presented.

In closing, an Open Forum wherein queries, complaints, from stakeholders addressed to TIEZA-RO and BIWCI about services, were discussed, to which assurances were made that the matters discussed would be considered and noted for proper resolutions and plans.

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