Friday, June 14, 2013


The Boracay-Malay Chapter PRC Lifeguard has sent a draft report containing its responses and accomplishments on its life guarding duty along the front beach of Boracay.
Upon request by Easy Rock Boracay, a copy of the report was made available of the report which covers the first day of February until the month of May 2013.
PRC Lifeguard started its lifeguarding duty in auxiliary capacity by introducing a method of Beach Management on Nov 16, 2012.
When Local Government Unit Life Guard Supervisor Mr. Mike Labatiao was asked in the month of May of the current year whether the incidents of drowning had decreased since there were already two sets of lifeguards: the LGU Lifeguard of Boracay and the Red Cross Lifeguard to augment the services of the LGU Lifeguard, he said there was much lesser incidents of drowning.
Labatiao added that the overlapping of duty hours from the two Lifeguards had also helped in decreasing the number of drowning incidents.
Some of the cases which transpired from station 1, 2 and 3 and the services rendered by the PRC Lifeguard ranged from rescuing tourists from drowning, giving warning to swimmer swimming far from the shore.

The other services given were responding and treating wounds of the injured from accidentally stepping on debris of cement, or splinter of broken glass on the beach, and advising someone not to throw empty bottles to the beach to prevent accident, giving first aid to heat stroke victims among others

Three Groups composed of 5 members each, divided into 3 Teams: Dolphins, Shark and Whales with a total of 15 members assigned at the 3 stations of the front beach compose the PRC Lifeguard.

This is to augment the services provided by the LGU Lifeguard of Boracay which has 17 personnel assigned along the White Beach.

The Red Cross Lifeguard go on duty at 7am to 10 am, and then at 4pm to 7pm daily, while the LGU Lifeguards go on duty from 8am to 5pm also at a daily basis.

Written and Contributed by: Rodel J. Abalus

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