Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The sewer line part of the Waste Water Network Expansion of the BIWC at Bolabog Village will be finished by the month of July of the current year.

This was the answer of Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC), Customer Service Officer, Acs Aldaba related to the inconvenience brought by the project to residents, and students of Boracay National High School specially that it is the rainy season.

Aldaba had admitted that the project causes unpleasant situation at the area, nevertheless, the presence of a sewer line could ease the flooding and the accumulation of water inside the school which has been a long time problem.

The connection of households to the sewer line and the monitoring of illegal connections are some of the steps which are seen to support BIWC’s project meant to help protect the environment.

In addition, BIWC allegedly sees no danger with the construction of the project since the contractor is making sure that “Open-Excavations” will not be left open.

Meanwhile, BIWC is conveying regret and asking for understanding from the public for the inconvenience at the road of Bolabog, and that efforts will be made to finish the project within the month of July.

The project of BIWC is a part of their expansion for the sewer or wastewater network which is also in consideration of the increasing number of tourist arrivals in Boracay Island.

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