Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A zoo in Boracay, an idea that is welcome to the DOT

Having a zoo would be a “welcome development” for Boracay.

According to Department of Tourism (DOT) Officer-in-charge Tim Ticar, it is a good idea to a have zoo on the island as this will be an additional attraction to the tourists.

It is also favorable for vacationers who are seeking more activities.

However, there are certain rules and standards that must be followed.

The security and state of the animals, particularly those that are included in the endangered species list, must be ensured.

There is also the accreditation and safety of the handlers, as well as the security of the tourists and or the public.

The subject came about after a discussion of an alleged zoo operating in Boracay spread in the social networking sites.

It mentioned that this certain zoo has a lion, a tiger and a type of a snake.

Tourists can even take pictures of the mentioned animals.

This time however, a registration or application for requirements in operating a zoo in Boracay cannot be confirmed with the DENR-CENRO office.

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