Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Church, tribes and LGU-Malay, still hand-in-hand for Boracay Ati-atihan

The Malay Tourism Office has not hooked the tribes and organizers of the Boracay Ati-atihan with their offer and appeal.

That is to change the schedule of the Ati-atihan on the island and other assistance for the improvement of the celebration.

However, this did not stop the communication between the church, organizers and the Local Government to remain open and coordinate for the preparation of this annual devotional activity in Boracay.

In an interview with Holy Rosary Parish Church, Parish Pastoral Council President, Dionesio “Jony” Salme, he said that the LGU expressed eagerness to help in ensuring the security of the celebration, aside from the financial support they will be giving.

This is regardless of the tribes’ and organizers’ stand to keep the occasion simple and devotional.

The same reason why they declined the MTO’s proposal, with the help of the LGU, to make this year’s celebration more “lively” and held it for few more days so that it’ll be like a festival.

On the other hand, MTO Chief Operation Officer Felix Delos Santos said that they will continue to support and respect the decision of the tribes and devotees in preserving the old Ati-atihan tradition in the island.

They are just waiting for the organizers and tribes to extend to them what they can do for support.

The Boracay Ati-atihan is also one of the events that attract tourists, the reason why the LGU wanted to extend the celebration and appealed to the church to make the occasion more colorful.

The celebration is being held every second Sunday of January every year, this 2013 this will fall on the 13th next week.

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