Monday, December 31, 2012

Boracay Island swamped with tourists

Resorts, bars and souvenir shops

These are just a few of the establishments in the Island of Boracay that has been full packed with tourists last night.

The island was so crowded such that the saying “no needle would drop” applies as tourists goes around discovering what it could offer.

“Labs” a manager in a certain restaurant here, exhaustively told this news center how they would almost give up or refuse some of the tourists as they’ve already got numerous customers.

In the beach front of station 2, the news team had also observed how the tourists of different colors and races including the locals would bump into each other as they would walk shoulder to shoulder into the crowd.  

Others would patiently wait in long lines in some popular food places, while others danced their way along with colorful and even glamorous parties.

Meanwhile in Balabag, “Gemma” a fruit store saleslady has told that they haven’t closed their shop since last night.

She is convinced that there will be more tourists today.

The Malay Tourism Office has previously said that the number of tourist arrivals this December will boost even more because of the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

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