Thursday, September 20, 2012

Auditor of COA Aklan, wrong about SB Malay

On a session last Tuesday, members of the Municipal Council of Malay answered back after State Auditor Judy Candari of the Commission on Audit/COA-Aklan was done with her speaking which has a tinge of preaching.

The auditor’s message was said to be the opposite of what the SB is acting on months ago.

This is because, what Candari doesn’t know is that the SB had already tackled this issue in the past sessions and that the office of the Chief Executive had already sent a letter requesting Land Bank to have a branch in Boracay or Caticlan.

In fact, this request, of a Land Bank branch, has been their aim for quite a long time in order to ensure the safety of the Town’s funds.

They are concerned of the risks taken when the collections of Malay are being transported to be deposited in Kalibo, because the LGU Malay’s account is at Land Bank alone.

The council said they also wondered why the mentioned bank seemed to be hesitant of having a branch in Malay when the town could actually deposit a large amount of money, and they could gain more clients as Malay can be considered a “business central” because of Boracay.

After being enlightened, the State Auditor expressed amusement, out of what seemed to be a slight embarrassment,  as it turned out that she had obtain a wrong information from the Bank.

And because Candari was mistaken, the SB Malay took the opportunity to express their concern about the mentioned bank’s reluctance.

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