Monday, September 17, 2012

Red Cross to Focus on the Management of Life Guards

One of the current priorities of the Philippine National Red Cross Malay Boracay Chapter in their Life Guarding Services is the management and training for the Life Guard in the island.

This is the plan by the Red Cross especially that a trainer was sent by the Philippine National Red Cross in the person of David Field, a professional lifeguard whose objective is to complete his commitment of giving sufficient capability to the Life Guards and to lessen the cases of drowning in the island.

The target of Red Cross is allegedly to make Boracay a Safe Destination and for Boracay to attain international standard when it comes to life saving.

Although some members of the Life Guard have undergone training, Field admitted in his presentation at the Town Council that aside from the problem of insufficient number of lifeguards on duty, the Life Guards’ capability is still lacking.

Field added that it can be expected that the Red Cross will also have its Life Guards who have sufficient capability, while the former Life Guards will be monitoring the beach line particularly the swimming area.

Included in the plan is the strict implementation of the red flag for the safety of swimmers.

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