Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Drainage at the Front Beach That Spews Water Cannot be Closed

It seems that nothing more can be done by the Local Government of Malay to the problem of water flowing from the Drainage going to the front beach at Station 2.

Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño said that this is normal and it is the outlet of water, hence it is not possible to close the Drainage. This is allegedly because when it rains hard, water which gets accumulated goes to this Drainage which eventually flows to the beach.

The Administrator said that the Drainage was closed in the past by the Provincial Government and the Department of Tourism, however, water still overflowed in the middle of the island.

Nevertheless, he said water only flows from the Drainage when it is rainy season, but during dry season the area is orderly.

Sacapaño added that they are nonetheless monitoring the area to keep it uncluttered.

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