Wednesday, July 10, 2013

BNHS addresses cutting classes’ problems

With the night classes going on, some students of Boracay National High school find another way to cut classes.

BNHS, lead School Principal II Jose Niro R. Nillasca, has sent a letter to the parents on the schedule of opening and closing of the school gate that was implemented on Monday, July 8.

During an interview, Mr. Nillasca, who took post as Principal just recently, admitted and expressed his concern over the fact that a few number of students really are skipping classes.

The letter contained the laid-out schedule for the parents to be aware of the times that their children should be inside the campus, adding that outside those times which are considered to be non-class hours they can no longer control the children.

The principal also mentioned about their plan of using the students' IDs to further control it.

However, Mr. Nillasca said that the students will possibly have their new IDs mid-July as it is still on the process.

But by that time, whenever students will be going out for a break for instance, they will be required to surrender their IDs to the guard, if they failed to claim it, meaning they did not return to the class.

The new IDs will be free as it is covered by DepEds MOOE (or maintenance and other operating expenses). If in event the student lost it, they will have to pay for a new one.

Meanwhile, the Principal cited consideration for the Four-days-a-week subjects.

This means, that in some days, students may have finished their classes earlier or are free during a certain time.

In line with this, Mr. Nillasca said that they might revise their schedule, in such a way that vacant periods will be on later hours.

By: Ma. Shelah Casiano

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