Saturday, July 13, 2013

Oyster Ferry, unsure of when to return to Boracay

Written by: Jay-ar Arante

It is not sure as to when Oyster Ferry would return and operate again in Boracay.

This is according to Jetty Port Statistician and Technical Assistant Marce Bernabe, stating that he hasn’t received any report as to when the fast-craft ferry will be back to resume its operation in the island.

Earlier, Caticlan Philippine Coast Guard PO1st Rokie Borja said that the ferry was expected to return to Boracay this July.

He said Oyster Ferry was brought to Navotas City for a “dry dock” which is being carried out annually.

Here, the fast-craft is checked and or fixed.

Meanwhile, Oyster Ferry have been of help to travelers going to and from Boracay as it could carry more passengers and operates at night.

However, the fast-craft has previously been in hot water for being in a controversy of disposing sea waste into to the waters which is strictly prohibited as it could destroy the island’s tourism industry.

Translated By: Shelah Casiano

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