Monday, January 28, 2013


The fund for the Cagban and Caticlan Jetty Ports is seventy eight million pesos (P78 Million) for 2013.

In the allocation given by the Provincial Government, almost thirty million pesos (P30 Million), according to Jetty Port Administrator Nieven Maquirang, will go to the salary for employees including security guards and utility personnel of the two ports.

Maquirang said facilities to be added this year will be metal detector or x-ray machine for the operation of the Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO) at Caticlan Port.

Aside from this, there will also be some structures to be made, hence the fund for the Jetty Port was allegedly increased from sixty million pesos (P60 Million) to P78 Million.

Meanwhile, with the use of the P78 Million fund, the provincial government is expecting that the target collection of two hundred sixty million pesos (P260 Million) for 2013 will be met.

The target collection in the previous year was one hundred eighteen million pesos (P118 Million).

Since during the month of May the Terminal Fee was increased, the target collection was met and the ports earned one hundred seventy five million (P175 Million) surplus.

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