Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño to BAG Members: let’s help each other

Shortcomings in 2012 must be made up this 2013.

This is what Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño has said during an interview regarding the first meeting of the Boracay Action Group or BAG this year.

After acknowledging and extending his gratitude to all the contributions of the private and business sectors and other members of BAG, Sacapaño expressed his message of encouragement.

He urged them to cooperate and help each other to maintain what the island has achieved such as becoming a premier tourist destination.

The Island Administrator believes that community’s oneness together with the BAG has a huge impact on the island’s development.

The Boracay Action Group has been of service for more than two years now since it was established from what was then the Boracay Action Team.

It is comprised of volunteers from different sectors such as the life guard, Boracay PNP, Coastguard, and Municipal Auxiliary Police among others.

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