Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Suspension of X-ray examination requirement for employees in Boracay, requested

“To suspend the x-ray examination as a requirement for employees in Boracay”
This is what SB Member Dante Pagsugiron is requesting.
In his privilege speech during Tuesday’s SB Session, Pagsuguiron expressed his concern that it causes difficulty to both the employees and employers.
According to him, the recent number of x-ray machines in Boracay is not enough to cater the many employees in the island, thereby causing such a delay in processing business permit renewals.
For this reason the Municipal Council will send a letter of appeal to the Mayor.
They find this X-ray examination as a reason of delay, more so that it takes about a week for its result to be released.
Plus heaps and heaps of other requirements are still needed to be passed.

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