Saturday, September 7, 2013

MABOVEN members, shelters at some resorts in the Boracay

Written by: Bert Dalida

A number of MABOVEN or Malay-Boracay Vendors Association members took shelter in some of the resorts in the island.

This is after the Boracay Re-development Task Force implemented the demolition of structures at the vegetation area last week.

Included in those removed were tents and beach beds used by MABOVEN members.

A certain “Aling Daisy,” who worked as a masseuse in the island for 8 years, told that they had no income for 3 days since their posts were pulled out.

This was also a bit disappointing for their returning guests, she added.

They are however fortunate because some of the resorts at the beach front allowed them to transfer within their area.

But she feels for their colleagues who weren't so lucky to find another place.

On the other hand, although “Aling Daisy” admits having a hard time adjusting to this change, she said they are “ok” with the process carried out by the Boracay Re-development Task Force for the betterment of the island.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

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