Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Strict implementation of Liquor Ban during the midterm election, insisted by COMELEC Malay

From 12 midnight of May 9 until the midnight of May 13.

These are the official dates and times for the implementation of Liquor Ban on the coming 2013 midterm elections, said Malay COMELEC Officer Elma Cahilig.

Based on the Omnibus Election Code, the COMELEC will strictly carry out the ban against selling, purchase, giving and or offering any kind of alcoholic drinks during the period.

In an interview with Cahilig, she said whoever will be caught violating the code will be facing an Election Offense, which according to law can lead to imprisonment of one to six years, disqualification from public office, and revocation of the right to vote.

However, Cahilig clarified that there is an exemption to some establishments that are certified by the Department of Tourism.

Meanwhile, according to DOT Officer Tim Ticar, they are continously accepting applications from establishments for inspection and for them to be granted a certification.

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