Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Written by:  Rodel J. Abalus

The rusting street light posts along the Main Road of Boracay Island will soon be taken down and replaced with new thicker, bigger gauged posts.

This was revealed by Malay Municipal Engr. Elizer Casidsid when interviewed by Easy Rock Boracay on Monday afternoon, July 15.

Engr. Casidsid said that the Program of Works for the street lights is being made, and being fast tracked by the General Service Office (GSO) a Unit-Department of the Office of the Mayor of Malay.

During the interview, he acknowledged that the street lights are dangerous since they are already rusting and therefore need to be changed, and they will be removed soon.

Nevertheless, when asked whether the wires on the street lights were live, he explained that the circuit breaker of the street lights is turned off.

On the design of the new street lights, he said that they will be thicker, bigger gauged since the existing posts are thin.

He added that the LGU will be fabricating the new street lights and the designs will take into consideration the location of each street light, and that the light will not be obstructed.

He further added that the street lights will be installed within the current year since they are necessary.

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