Friday, July 27, 2012

Kalibo International Airport terminal fee increase - gradual

Kalibo International Airport Manager, Engr. Percy Malonesio had refuted that they already implemented the additional terminal fee charging.

According to him if there's such news that they had a fee increase, then there is no truth about this.

This is because they have not yet received a notice from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines CAAP when this should be implemented.

Malonesio however believes that there will be a positive response from CAAP on their proposed plan of having additional charges.

The terminal fee for domestic flights remained at Php40 which they are planning to increase up to Php200.

While the charge for an international flight is still at Php500 which they are proposing to make it Php700.

Nonetheless he announced that if this will push through, this will not happen in one occasion alone as they will implement this gradually. They may even start at Php100 additional charge and after a few months will eventually ask for a php200 for domestic and Php700 for the international flights.

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