Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dog Catching-Temporarily Stopped; Dog Cell-in Sorry State; Municipal Agriculture Office of Malay-Lacks Equipment

Catching dogs roaming the streets of Malay has been temporarily discontinued because the Municipal Agriculture Office of Malay lacks equipment.

This was confirmed by the Municipal Agriculture Officer, Anery Solano in the Town Council Session held yesterday.

In relation to the matter, Solano also divulged what he claimed was the poor state of the dog found or cell for dogs that are caught, the broken vehicle, and the absence of a driver to maintain the vehicle. He added that the path going to the dog found was not in good condition.

The Town Council expressed readiness to help in the predicament of the Municipal Agriculture Office.

Solano was called to attend the Town Council Session yesterday, allegedly due to the complaint of some Villages that there were still dogs roaming which often cause accident in the street, and that the roaming dogs often litter anywhere, chase and bite.

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