Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pot-like and hard hat helmet in the streets will be lessened

It is expected that the pot-like and hard hat helmets used by motorists in the streets of Aklan will be lessened.

This shall follow if  helmets could 100% pass the inspection that will be conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry.

This is what DTI-Aklan Director Diosdado Cadena has stated during an interview yesterday, after the assessment they had on helmets.

If this could pass the standard for safety, it will be marked by DTI with an Import Commodity Certificate or ICC sticker.

He however said that this matter depends on how strict the Land Transportation Office or LTO will implement the No travel No Helmet Policy.

Cadena hopes that this will push through as this is for the safety of the motorist and those riding with them.

In the inspection that they are conducting, aside from the brand of the helmets, they are also checking if these can be efficiently used and if it can’t pass the assessment like if it has no strap or has a crack, they will not mark this with an ICC sticker.

It is the DTI’s aim to ensure the effectiveness of the equipments of the motorists to reduce the number of accidents with head injuries.

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