Monday, July 30, 2012

MAP and Police in Boracay can issue LTO TOP

It should not be surprising if a member of Malay Auxiliary Police or MAP and PNP in Boracay is issuing a Land Transportation Office or LTO Temporary Operator’s Permit (TOP) for traffic rules violation in the island.

This is because some of the members of MAP and Police are deputized and can, in anytime, implement the national law on traffic by arresting violators.

This has been confirmed by Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño, that the MAP and Police can issue a violation ticket or LTO TOP any time, and can confiscate drivers’ license.

However Sacapaño clarified that the confiscated drivers’ license are being sent to Kalibo and any payment process for a violation should be made there as well as the release of the said license.

Now that the MAP and Police are deputized by the LTO, Sacapaño is asking that the public should understand the traffic rules and must adhere to it to avoid any arguments if apprehended.

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