Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Enclosure of Bars in Boracay to be implemented on August

One more week and the enclosure of all bars in Boracay will take effect as a reinforcement of the prohibition and implementation relating to the Noise Pollution Ordinance in the island.

According to Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño, this coming August 1, 2012 they will be implementing what has been agreed upon by the Local Government of Malay and bar operators and owners.

The establishments will be enclosed and will be sound proof in order to avoid too much noise and loud sounds that could be a disturbance to the resting tourists.

Sacapaño said that he also observed how the bar owners in Boracay are doing their part to conform to the word they have given the LGU-Malay that no disturbing noise will be coming from their establishments especially during midnight.

He however said that if they fail to have their bars enclosed the LGU will be forced to implement the until 12 midnight operation of their establishments.

Meanwhile, those who conformed to the agreement can operate overnight, what is important is that they will not be such an annoyance to those resting individuals.

In line with this the administrator said that they already had sent a notice to the bar operators and owners regarding the said implementation.

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Boracay Beach Resort said...

I agree, although it adds fun to the island and to tourist as well but owners should make it sure that the bar would not create too much noise.

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