Friday, June 21, 2013

Gas used by fire dancers in Boracay has ill effects on the sands

The gas used by fire dancers in Boracay contaminates the sands.

This is the ill effects that DOT Regional Director Helen Catalbas has observed related to the mentioned activity on the island.

In line with this, Boracay Department of Tourism Officer-in-Charge Tim Ticar said that the DOT and the Boracay Foundation Inc. (BFI) are set to meet and discuss this matter.

According to Ticar, they will find a way on how the fire dancers will no longer use gas to avoid it from contaminating Boracay’s sands.

The DOT OIC is pretty sure that there are chemicals aside from gas that can be used.

At the same time he is also concerned for the fire dancers to continue on with their jobs.

Ticar acknowledges how fire dancing became one of the attractions on the island.

On the other hand, the white sands of Boracay must be preserved and protected.

Ticar clarified, that these dancers will not be losing their jobs as this is their source of income, they will however have to control the activity to keep the Boracay sands from being polluted.

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