Monday, October 15, 2012

Cooperation Needed On Bar Closure on Boracay Island - Island Administrator

Cooperation from bar owners is needed for the strict implementation of bar enclosure.

This was emphasized by Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño after Yes FM 911 brought to his attention the disappointment expressed by tourists.

The complaint from the tourists was that their partying at the beach front, Station 1 at midnight was cut short.
The tourists were apparently still partying but were surprised when the bar operator stopped the music at midnight.

To this Sacapaño stressed that it is the responsibility of bar operators to inform and explain to their customers about the law. He also clarified that after 12midnight and bar owners would still want their bar to be open, this was possible as long as there would be no music playing and no one being disturbed.

He added that if one would still want to play music, the bar should be enclosed or closed.

The Island Administrator made a stand that all bar operators will follow especially that apparently the bar operators signed the agreement regarding the bar enclosure.

This morning, the disappointment felt by Davao tourists was broadcasted by Yes FM Boracay since their merry making was cut short in the island which they had believed to be a “Party Place until the morning hour.”

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