Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Local Tour Guides in Boracay underwent a seminar

Being a tour guide is not a simple task.

As DOT Boracay Officer Judith Icotanim stated that being a tour guide is a profession.

This is what she pointed out during a seminar held at Balabag barangay hall today where there are more than 40 tour guides on the island who started to register yesterday.

According to Icotanim it is important for these tour guides to undergo a seminar in order to ensure that the standard or criterion of a real tour guide will be achieved. 

Most of the said tour guides she said, are working in resorts, unemployed which are different from what is required by the ordinance of the local government of Malay.

Because of this, the guides who had a seminar today are to go through a 21-day training which includes effective communication, geography, Philippine government and tests.

After the seminar they will be receiving a certification that they can use for application of a business permit.

The DOT is hoping that there will be a quality of service from the tour guides for the municipality of Malay.

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