Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lighting of access roads in Boracay, given attention by SB Malay

Because of the incidents and crimes that had occurred in Boracay, the SB Malay is now giving attention to the lighting of dark areas in the island.

Lightings of access roads particularly like those of  Mt. Luho area in Barangay Balabag, where in this had been stressed out by SB Member Wilbec Gelito during the session yesterday.

Gelito noted that there are streetlights that are dysfunctional and how these lamp posts can no longer be utilized.

Meanwhile Vice Mayor Ceciron Cawaling suggested to call on the attention of the barangay and the committee on tourism regarding this matter.

It could be, Cawaling said, that the lines of these streetlights had been stolen.

The residents and tourists had been complaining about this issue for quite awhile, and this has been unveiled on yesterday’s session as a challenge by SB Member Wilbec Gelito.

Gelito added that if Boracay wishes to maintain its title as the world’s best island then giving attention to the island’s security against crime is a must.

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