Thursday, March 14, 2013

Scientists from Tokyo and UP, conducts study in the beaches of Boracay

The primary goal of the experts that are currently in Boracay is the possible solution for maintaining the island’s beaches.

The group, Coastal Ecosystem and Adaptive Management (CECAM) aims to conduct a study in relation to the dilemma brought about by soil erosion on the island.

CECAM, which is composed of scientists from Tokyo Institute of Technology and the University of the Philippines (UP), will work alongside the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and industry (PCCI) Boracay and the Local Government of Malay.

It is the experts’ objective, that, through their research study using innovative technology, they will be able to extend their technical assistance and or recommendation in giving solution and the proper management of the “2012 best beach in the world.”

The said study has already kicked off, but is expected to last for two years, said the PCCI.

In line with this, a number of CCTVs has been installed in certain areas on the island (particularly the front beach) for monitoring and will be used for the study.

More over the PCCI has organized a forum regarding this matter. It was held yesterday at the Balabag Action Center.

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