Friday, March 15, 2013


The seawall of establishments in Boracay, especially at the seashore of Balabag, is seen as one of the reasons of beach erosion according to experts.

Because of this, one of the solutions seen by the Local Government of Malay, especially by the Municipal Engineering Office and the Municipal Planning Office, was for Engr. Elizer Casidsid to present his seawall design.

Although it is only a plan design, Alma Belejerdo of the Municipal Planning Office would like to make sure that the design should be according to technical and scientific aspects and would not cause additional problem regarding erosion.

This was supported by experts but its effects should first be looked into before being implemented.

According to Kazuo Nadaoka of Tokyo Institute of Technology, the guest at the beach erosion forum held by the PCCI, it is necessary to be cautious on all the options to be taken.

Nadaoka added that there had been no successful environmental project especially on erosion on the seashores in the whole world.

Allegedly, even the placement of reef dome and reef buds, according to Nadaoka, is only an experiment and is not yet clear if it helps in saving the marine ecosystem and even beach erosion.

The forum, headed by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce (PCCI), was held to monitor and give scientific answer to beach erosion.

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