Monday, August 6, 2012

Demolition for Illegal Structures in Boracay-Not Over

Demolition will not end with the West Cove demolition. Demolition will follow for establishments which transgressed the law.

This was what Island Administrator Glenn Sacapano said in an interview.

With this, Sacapano asked owners of buildings who knew that they had violated an ordinance and a law in the country not to wait for the local government to demolish their buildings.

He said that stakeholders in the island have known for a long time where the setting of an establishment in Boracay is prohibited. He added that if action is taken by the LGU, it should be understood and there should be no blaming game.

Sacapano admitted that Task Force Moratorium on Building Construction has been receiving reports on illegal construction in the island that is why they are focusing on the matter.

The LGU of Malay at the meantime is seriously implementing its campaign on illegal structures such as the construction of buildings at critical and protected areas, construction without necessary documents and other violations.

Meanwhile, the Administrator also confirmed that the demolition of the illegal structure of West Cove was temporarily stopped due to difficulties being experienced by the demolition team brought about by the bad weather. 

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