Friday, August 10, 2012

Hose for waste water disposal that are connected to the drainage in Boracay, worries SB Malay

SB Member Dante Pagsugiron, Chairman of Committee on Environment has expressed his concern regarding large hoses on the main road which are connected to the drainage for the disposal of waste water from a certain resort in station 2.
According to Pagsugiron he is also worried because these hoses are actually an 'eyesore' to the tourists.

He is also concerned as everybody knows that Boracay has no drainage system and is yet to be completed.

These flexible pipes had been seen being connected to the drainage for quite a while and they worry that the filling up of water will cause another overflow on the streets.

In line with this, he has once inspected the area and has brought the issue to the office of the Engineering Department particularly to Malay Municipal Engineer, Engr. Elezer Casidsid, where in the latter has also explained that the said practice is prohibited.

Pagsugiron is now asking the council for help to put a stop to this and to give the authorities a notice to monitor the mentioned resort that is still under construction.

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