Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Signature Campaign: “Sama Ka, Let’s Protect Boracay,” 1 Signature =1 Peso for Boracay - JCI

Whether thousands or millions of pesos is generated in the Signature Campaign organized by Junior Chamber International (JCI) entitled “Sama Ka, Let’s Protect Boracay,” the proceeds will be used to fund the project.

In the project, every signature received to indicate a promise to protect Boracay, a peso will be donated by JCI’s sponsors.

The fund will be used to provide knowledge to the youth in taking care of nature in Boracay the correct way. This will be with the help of the Department of Education.

In the press conference held Saturday by JCI, it was disclosed that every peso received will be used as a fund for lectures, and lecture materials to be given and used by students in the island.

Although JCI allegedly does not have fund for the project, what it said it can contribute is to call on private individuals or organizations and stakeholders to support the “Sama Ka, Let’s Protect Boracay.”

JCI expressed optimism that the project will be successful since the organization itself would want to protect the Best Beach in the World which is Boracay. The JCI president of Malaysia also attended the conference and was said to duplicate the initiative in his country.

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