Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boracay Hospital not included in EEDD’s Funding for 2013

It is a fact that the Economic Enterprise Development Department (EEDD) has not included the Don Ciriaco Tirol Memorial Hospital also known as Boracay Hospital, in its 2013 budget.

The reason, as EEDD Head Dr. Michael I. Terencio has clarified, the hospital on the island is not under their department.

In an interview with Dr. Terencio this morning, he explained that although the EEDD is under the Governor’s Office, the hospital however is not covered by their scope.

Rather, Boracay Hospital is under the Provincial Health Office (PHO).

Terencio added that the mentioned medical facility is still on the Municipal Hospital level.

He also said that there are currently three hospitals under the EEDD these are the Ibajay and Altavas District Hospital and the Provincial Hospital.

This explanation is the EEDD Manager’s response to yesterday’s heated discussion amongst the Municipal Council of Malay, where they have planned to pass a resolution for the Boracay Hospital to be included and be funded by the EEDD.

Especially that this facility is a primary necessity of the island.

They also noted that the high ranking officials of the province have promised that the Malay Jetty Ports’ revenue will be returned to Boracay in the form of quality service and facilities.

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