Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The Legislative Body of the Local Government of Malay seemed disgusted about the situation at the front beach.

Allegedly, considering the number of ordinances that the Town Council had passed to regulate the obstructions to tourists, it seemed almost nothing had happened since the ordinances had not been implemented.

First on the things commented upon by the Town Council were the tents. The tents were said to stay at the vegetation area day and night.

On this, Vice Mayor Ceciron Cawaling said that the resort owners are letting their own view to be defaced.
This was since there were those who had laid down their goods for sale, set up shops with tables and chairs but being allowed even such were unsightly to tourists.

The Vice Mayor added that only coconut trees should be seen at the beach line especially during the day so that there would be no obstructions.

Meanwhile, Town Council Rowen Aguirre believed that if no one tolerates illegal activities at the front beach and the ordinances were implemented, all establishments would follow the ordinances.

Related to the matter, Councilmen Jupiter Gallenero and Jonathan Cabrera had a heated argument on who was responsible for the implementation of the ordinances since the issue had allegedly been discussed repeatedly at the session but there had been no progress.

Because of this, Councilman Essel Flores mediated the argument and volunteered to extend help by  talking with Malay Mayor John Yap. This is to be able to focus on the problem and situation about the illegal structures and obstructions at the front beach of Boracay Island.

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