Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Overflowing of Sewage Cannot Be Avoided on Rainy Season, Cooperation Needed - BIWC

It was confirmed by the Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC) that the overflowing of sewage cannot be avoided during rainy season.

This is because there is no drainage in Boracay and it cannot be denied that there are those who connect illegally and pump into the sewer system according to the BIWC Chief Operation Officer Ben Mañusca.

According to Mañusca, cooperation is needed from establishments that, if possible, if an establishment plans to pump into the sewer, BIWC should be notified first. This is for BIWC to be able to assist and forecast the amount of water to release so that manholes do not overflow.

He further convinced erring establishments to follow the ordinance and legally connect to the sewer and not to release water into the drainage, so that the community will not be affected by unpleasant smell.

Acknowledging that it is difficult for BIWC to control the overflowing of manholes, he appealed to the public for cooperation.

He also said that additional personnel have been added in the field by BIWC to act on the problem and that their establishment is open to concerns being brought to their attention through their telephone line.

Meanwhile, BIWC promised to take action on the overflowing sewer experienced this morning at Lower Level Pinaungon.

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