Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Aklan Vice Governor Avoided the Privilege Speech of A Provincial Council Member; Regular Session An Hour Late

A temporary replacement as a Presiding Officer was called upon by Vice Governor Gabrielle Calizo-Quimpo from the Provincial Council Members in the 22nd Regular Session this morning. 

This is in connection to the request of Provincial Council Rodson Mayor to deliver a Privilege Speech.

While the session started calmly this morning, before the Privilege Speech of Mayor was to take place, Calizo-Quimpo chose to avoid it and left.

It was 27th of June 2012 during the 21st Regular Session in the Session Hall, when a commotion from a heated argument which apparently led to the directive for Mayor to leave the Session Hall and be apprehended by a guard under the orders of the Vice Governor.

Aside from this, it was reported that another incident followed wherein a press conference was called by Calizo-Quimpo and Mayor was not invited as one of the delegates of Aklan to Laog City.

This morning, before the Provincial Council of Aklan started its 22nd Regular Session, Calizo-Quimpo called for a meeting to clarify some things before starting. Because of this, the Session started one hour late from the usual nine-thirty (9:30am) start.

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