Thursday, September 13, 2012

Artificial Reef of Sangkalikasan to Be Inspected by the Town Council of Malay

Town Council Member Jupiter Gallenero seemed to be bothered about the fund given by Senator Loren Legarda.

The fund was for the Artificial Reef of Boracay given to the Sangkalikasan Cooperative.

Gallenero would like to know the situation concerning the project allegedly because information reached the Councilman that some domes included in the project were seemed to be broken. These domes were said to be included in the P50Million funding.

It was pointed out by Gallenero that he is confident in the project implemented by the Sangkalikasan especially that he was convinced by the group that a secret formula, which has not been revealed until the present time, would be used to make the project successful.

However, according to Gallenero, it is the opposite of what he is expecting if it is true that the domes were broken.

Aside from this, he expressed worry on whether the broken domes could bring a bad effect to the shores of Boracay especially to the corals that need to be protected.

As a result, it was requested by Town Council Member Rowen Aguirre that the condition of the domes be looked into with the help of the divers from the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) to inspect the situation.

Earlier, it was reported that the corals in the island were getting destroyed, thus the domes or artificial reefs were created to serve as home for fishes in Boracay.


Nix said...

Hi! We'd like to get more info about the coral reef rehab project mentioned here. Do you know what the findings are, or do you know anyone we could ask? Would it be possible to ask for the contact info of own Council members Jupiter Gallenero & Rowen Aguirre? Thanks in advance!

EasyRock Boracay said...

Hi Nix!

Thanks for visiting our blogspot and being interested on our Local News posted on it. Also learned that you are interested about the environment - i think that's cool.

I've referred your question and request to our News Director.

Unfortunately, we do not have your e-mail address. If you could let us know your e-mail address the contact number of the person you could address your question and query will be forwarded to you.

We'll be looking forward to your reply.

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